I am a 25 year old Londoner trying to figure out what’s what.

My zest for life is found in learning, reading and allowing myself to be influenced, moved and inspired by the people I meet, stories I hear, places I have explored and experiences I have endured.

As I sit here, a naive beginner entering the blogging world on the warm sands of Cape Verdian island, Sal, I am told by various articles I need to focus in on my niche and stick to it.

But in a yoga practising, travel obsessed, coconut eating, flax and chia binding, ‘fake news’, post-truth world, where we ‘like for like’, where snap chatting a moment is better than appreciating the reality, where instant gratification is everything and attention spans are the lowest they’ve ever been in human history, where do I begin?

What is my niche, that I’m allergic to egg? That my ears are pinned back, I have two fake teeth and I’ve been 5ft 10 since I was ten years old? No. But how is that the ten thousand travel bloggers have found their niche in travel. It’s hardly a USP when everyone’s at it. So for now, whilst I mull this over I will continue posting incoherent ramblings.

Thanks for stopping by!