Political Ramblings of a 20-something

Ok, I’ve had enough. Ever since the election was announced, way before releasing their manifesto, the Torys have based their campaign on undoing Jeremy Corbyn and the media have been outrageous too. There is nonsense that has gone on in the lead up this election that needs to be called out.

– – –

I’m going to call it as it is, Theresa May you are a bully

Should I vote for someone who has broken promises to the public, is dismantling our NHS, dodges questions, laughs, boos and mocks others to make herself look better? The latter, Theresa May, that’s bullying, textbook bullying.

Should I vote for a party that thinks it is okay to directly make lives worse for disabled people by cutting welfare? God no.

On the topic of God, how dare you justify your actions that genuinely affect so many people negatively by claiming ’God has spoken to me’. It’s sick. For every priest that was a paedophile – did God speak to them too? Bloody hell.

– – –

The media

Has so much to answer for. Why does the media insult Corbyn? Why can they not do their jobs and report fairly on POLICY and on IDEAS? Why do papers rip into him, why do they try and catch him out? Who is paying to try and humiliate him and trip him up? You should be ashamed. Also, you have absolutely no place to hail someone unelectable; it is undemocratic. The media’s total inability to report fairly on this election is wrong and more needs to be done to monitor and call companies out on what is published. Why are we letting media outlets (majority Tory owned) blind us with bias and create reason to think Jeremy Corbyn is incompetent? Who knew we were such puppets to the press?!

Why are news outlets not using their almighty influence to instead encourage people to vote, not abuse those passionate enough to try and lead our country in a direction they believe is right.

Once again, a classic case of more bullying.

In truth, if Corbyn can handle the sheer torrent of abuse the press have given him over the past few years and remain head held high, unshaken, continue to debate and fight for what is right and not step down because he genuinely is passionate about making change, why would I not want to vote for him?

Which brings me smoothly to my next point of total outrage…

– – –

Remind me again, why is Corbyn not fit to be a leader?

What has Corbyn done to bring anyone to the conclusion he is unelectable? With each policy, in every video, each interview, in every speech and rally, in each engagement with the public, even each encounter with children, Corbyn is passionate, he is defiant, he is comfortable. He does not stumble over his words, he does not waver. He is honest and his attitude in every single encounter when he is being taunted or undermined, is unwaveringly sound, determined, respectful. (How?! I would lose my temper.) In many ways that ALONE makes him far more electable than any of the foul language and nasty attitudes that have come from other parties.

If you think differently to any of the above, then you have perhaps been influenced by our media and you have absorbed their opinion they have so carefully painted of Corbyn, and masterfully infiltrated into headlines ever since he was elected as leader. Like anything, the more you are told something, the more you read something, the more you are absorbed and the more you begin to believe it. It’s genius; the Tory’s have been at this for years. No wonder Corbyn is hailed unelectable, it’s propaganda at its finest. Frustrated by those last few sentences? Go online, watch interviews, listen to what Corbyn has to say and how he says it, do your research. Then next time you say, ‘I’m sure he’s great guy, but I just don’t think he’s electable’, do you really genuinely think that based on all the evidence? I think your voice may falter, your mind could change. It’s easy to be lazy and selective about what we read. But now more than ever is not the time.

– – –

Tory’s are making cuts to children everyone, children

May. You are okay with removing young children’s free school lunches. Are you aware of the implications of that? You understand that eating well is proven to help improve memory and concentration right? You are aware that the correct nutrition gives a child energy and helps one focus and engage. If they cannot eat, they cannot reach their potential. It’s as simple as that.

What the hell did they do to you!? These kids don’t stand a chance from the word go in your world. Everyone knows education is the best way out of poverty. Why are you so adamant on creating more?

Do you have any idea, are you able to grasp the basic concept that it’s possible parents need support and are unable to feed their children lunches? And please, do not come back at me about family planning, about having too many children you can’t afford; tell that to a woman who fell pregnant via rape, or to the mum who was married for ten years, had four children and then her husband left her. Do not come back at me about working harder to earn more money for the children’s lunches. Tell that to the paramedics, the junior doctors, the policemen and policewomen, and nurses on £22-25k working unearthly hours under high pressure and on minimal sleep between shifts. Their hard work underpins the success and stability of your society. Bloody hell what a load of crap May.

– – –

You can’t just not show up for a final interview

This is so crazy that I am almost laughing. WHY is May choosing to not face Corbyn in a political debate? It’s like applying for a job, chatting over the phone, having an interview with someone, then it gets to the final round, you’re invited back for the final interview, just you and the other shortlisted applicants, and you decide to not go. But still demand to be considered for the job.


What is politics if it is not about standing up for what you believe in and putting forward two sides of opinion to show the public ‘this is what I stand for, this is why you should/shouldn’t vote for me’. Surely, surely if you’re going for the top job in the whole country, you go for the final interview? She can’t just decide ‘yeah, I’m not going!?’ As far as I’m concerned, it’s undemocratic. She is to be in charge of the country.

(Also just on a slight side note, if she can’t debate Corbyn on live TV how on earth will she navigate and debate for us reasonably through brexit?!)

Unbelievable. Oh but no, Jeremy is the unelectable one. But picture this; imagine if Jez had announced he wouldn’t show for the debate? The press would have had a field day!

– – –

Okay something else bothering me; why does everyone say Jeremy Corbyn is lacking in charisma. What’s so charismatic about Theresa May and Tim Farron, am I missing something? 

– – –

And another – I laughed out loud when I saw May’s pledge to spend an extra £8 billion on the NHS. She’s just spent four years dismantling the NHS and selling it off, she’s just spent four years cutting NHS funding. Why would she U-turn on all her painstakingly hard work. How dumb does she think the British public are? It’s insulting. Also Theresa May, you can’t lie to get yourself a job. I would be fired instantly if I lied on my CV.

Real role model you are though, for real, great leadership there… (not).

– – –

We now have a whole generation engaged in politics

Here’s something else. Why has nobody picked up on the fact Jeremy Corbyn has (almost) single handedly inspired a whole generation to get into politics? Earlier this year in just one week he literally engaged hundreds of THOUSANDS of young people to sign up and vote. Let alone the impact he’s had on our generation in the past two years. Can we just take a moment to take that in please?

He’s engaging young people; whut!? Who knew it was possible? Of all the people who knew a politician would be capable of that? Only Snapchat is capable of holding the attention of young people these days (I include myself there!)

WHY is that not being given credit, WHY is that not being respected? WHY is that not being shouted about in a headline? WHY are reporters instead trying to catch him out, try and misinterpret what he says, what he stands for? Because his suit isn’t as posh as Cameron or May’s?

Whether he wins this election or not, surely the longevity of this single achievement is crucial to the UKs economy and our democratic system. The fact he has put politics back on the map for young people is more than any other leader currently standing has managed.

Just because he’s not Blair

Ok, so I don’t get why labour supporters (like my dad) are fuming about Corbyn. Is it because he’s not Blair? Because he’s not Ed Milliband? Yeah because they were such trailblazers ‘Let’s start a war… let’s screw over my brother for my personal interests and screw up the party’.

Rant over. Back to the point.

Stop calling him hard left labour. He wants an NHS, he wants equality, he wants investment in schools (your KIDS!) He wants to scrap uni fees to help give anyone and everyone the opportunity to go to university. He is the guy that will see an older lady crossing a road and hold her hand and carry her shopping, not try and cut her pension. He wants average people to have a chance. He wants teachers and schools to thrive; he understands that education is the single most important factor out of poverty and inequality. He wants equality, he wants our country to be fair.

Don’t call him hard left, Blair was just as Tory as a labour guy can get jheez. But it’s cool, really Corybn should strive to be more like Blair and get those die-hard labour voters back, because nothing bad came of Blair’s time as PM right? (Oh wait, a war.)

– – –

We have found a genuinely decent guy

We’ve all seen the picture that went viral of Corbyn holding a speaker for a rally, seen the meme where he helps make the tea, right? Well he’s that guy. He doesn’t think he’s better than anyone. His whole life has been about supporting our doctors, fighting for the rights of miners, of LGBT communities, marching for women’s rights. He was probably screaming about justice in his first nappy. He has done it for over 30 years pre-leadership, and even if he doesn’t win this 2017 election, no doubt he will be elected as an MP and will continue marching and protesting after his party leadership, to make this world a bit better than the Trumpian shambles it’s becoming.

– – –

I may only be 24 (so what do i know?) and I may work in the music industry (what do I know?) and I may be talking at too much length about this (insert here that classic Facebook friend ‘great, here we go again, more political posts, political opinions blasting about on social media, why can’t she leave it to someone who actually understands politics? Keep it to yourself!’).

Well, that might all be true, but in my eyes, how AMAZING is it that we are finally switching on, finally getting mad, defiant, protective. Our generation was born into a world with more-a-less everything in place. It’s a huge generalisation I know, but we’ve arguably not had to fight for anything; we were born into a world where women have a say, have rights, can vote (there isn’t equality by any length, but its far better than other places in the world), we have had a free, efficient NHS, free quality public schooling, we had (relatively) low tuition fees. We had everything. But now, now we actually do need to make some noise. And I’m chuffed there is finally a buzz around politics in young people. Now we stand a chance of making change and creating for ourselves a world we deserve and want to live in.


p.s. the featured picture was taken in south London, I love my area!

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