All We Have Is Now

All we have is now.

It’s a phrase I have seen posted a few times lately. It is easy to overlook this simple fact. It’s easy to complicate tomorrow, race ahead to 6 months, in our minds stress constantly about futures that are completely unknown and out of our control; we throw ourselves into turmoil trying to prove ourselves, achieve goals, progress, to what, for what? 

Rarely do we think about where we are at. Right now. In this moment. What is in front of us. Literally who is in front of us. How frequently do we stop to deeply breathe in the air that freshens our lungs? Appreciate the body we have, the people directly around us? When do we stop and appreciate those in front of us that are irreplaceable, that are making us laugh, that snap us out of bad moods, that make us feel good and just brighten up life purely because of their exact presence in it?

Tomorrow is out of reach, impossible to fast forward too, impossible to attain. So why is it it’s all we think about? Why do we not focus on the literal now, appreciate exactly what this crazy thing called life has placed before us in this moment?

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