It’s okay

It’s okay to practice yoga and still not be able to touch your toes

It’s okay to pretend to know lyrics when you haven’t got a fucking clue

It’s okay to love men and be a badass feminist

It’s okay to not have the first idea about contouring or fake nails

It’s okay knowing you have so much love to give

It’s okay to be confident in yourself – it’s not arrogance it’s your right

It’s okay to wear the same outfit two days running if you gotta!

(It’s perhaps not okay if you wear the same knickers though)

It’s okay to want both a career and a baby one day

It’s okay to love reading and playing the violin

(On that note, it’s okay to love playing any instrument)

It’s okay to be an absolute hopeless romantic

It’s okay if Son of Dork or Avril Lavine is your guilty pleasure jam

It’s okay to feel lost sometimes

It’s okay to not even put on pants somedays

It’s okay to use your gym membership once a month, we can’t all be superhumans

It’s okay to have a glass of wine by yourself

It’s okay to not buy into the self care industry – if candles and mindfulness don’t help you, it’s okay

It’s okay to snort when you laugh

It’s okay to be vegan and occasionally eat meat/dairy – you aren’t a robot you’re human

It’s okay to get scared

It’s okay to pull out wedgies in public

It’s okay to not know what the hell is going on right now

It’s okay to slyly wipe your nose with your sleeve if there’s not a tissue in sight

It’s okay to be in touch with your feelings

It’s okay to not keep up with all friends; the way you grew out of them, they did you

It’s okay to be a chatterbox

It’s okay to eat McDonald’s and Nando’s in the same day

It’s okay to sit in silence; you might not have anything to say but your company doesn’t either

It’s okay to want to go on a date so you can wear a nice dress

It’s okay to wear good knickers to work to make you feel good about you that day

It’s okay to call yourself a musician despite not touching an instrument in a while. You know if you picked up that shit you’d kill it

It’s okay to put 1000% effort into looking effortless/casual

It’s okay to like dogs more than humans

It’s okay to want to compromise

It’s okay to not brush your hair

It’s okay to want to be loved.

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