Imagine cold winter days snuggled up by the fire; imagine coming in from work and crawling into your arms on the sofa; imagine completing crosswords; imagine dancing round the kitchen singing badly and cooking equally as badly; imagine spanking you with the tea towel just because; imagine the pillow fights; imagine the food fights; imagine every birthday year after year; imagine being wrapped up warm in scarfs and hats on firework night cuddling when the fireworks scare me; imagine learning every last detail; imagine going on runs; imagine jumping for joy and fist pumping the air when life goes right; imagine confiding our biggest fears; imagine the long walks; imagine evenings in, candles lit reading side by side; imagine hiding behind you or sobbing into your t-shirt when a film or documentary gets too scary; imagine sitting on the toilet whilst you shower just so we can continue chatting; imagine the smell of your skin every day; imagine making a roast dinner together and having friends round; imagine you are the best person in my life; imagine endless fun at gigs; imagine signing off hilarious cards as a team; imagine the peace, knowing you will always be there; imagine a Sunday evening wrapping up and heading lazily to the cinema together; imagine peering into your eyes every day; imagine listening to albums together and discussing the best and worst music of all time; imagine how much our faces would hurt from all the laughter; imagine the taste of your lips every single day; imagine late night chats every night righting the worlds wrongs; imagine hearing your voice every day; imagine stroking your back each night; imagine the indisputable trust; imagine being my sole confident; imagine being appreciated completely; imagine being my best friend as well; imagine forever.

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