Imagine cold winter days snuggled up by the fire; imagine coming in from work and crawling into your arms on the sofa; imagine completing crosswords; imagine dancing round the kitchen singing badly and cooking equally as badly; imagine spanking you with the tea towel just because; imagine the pillow fights; imagine the food fights; imagine […]

And yet…

‘And yet’ because nothing is smooth, there’s always reasoning, highs, lows, misunderstanding, pain, joy, pros, cons, ups, downs. Everything between. So find a short series of what some might call musings, others call poems, written across a bunch of months. — Look forward to a love that makes me feel how Norah Jones Otis Redding […]

Losing my Manicure Virginity: 12 Questions to all Women 

This weekend I lost my manicure virginity, yes, my very first in my 25 years of life. My conclusion? Ladies, you are wonder women.
I am in awe of all of you going about your daily lives achieving menial tasks with total ease. HOW do you open jars?! HOW do you undo your bra strap?! HOW do you hold your tooth brush? Text? Press a button without thumbing three? How is any of this possible with claws protruding the end of each finger?!