Sunsets and the Power Of Reflection

I love sunsets. They are one of the few moments in life when we are not only able to, but feel comfortable enough to stop, think and reflect; they allow us to just be.

Last week I saw an old friend handle the hardest day of her life with memorising composure and unwavering courage. Still now I am in awe of her strength and compassion; she had the room in the palm of her hand as she spoke about her beautiful mum. Everyone in the room hung onto her every word, they laughed, cried and everything in between. She was braver than most adults would be in the circumstances as she said goodbye. And I was so proud to be her friend.

It got me thinking about how much or little time we get on this earth. We have one shot at it; what are you doing to make yours count? What am I doing to make mine?

It’s so easy to be trapped constantly in your life bubble – worrying about shopping, thinking about the next promotion, the run I should probably go for, the emails I still haven’t got round too. I find myself breaking up time into blocks of years, leaving pipeline dreams on the shelf.

I am a firm believer we are right where we are supposed to be. Every moment, every memory and every lesson has helped us to where we are now, and will be valuable in the future. But are we putting in the ground work, being patient, being understanding, for something that will never come? Or putting in time time and energy to something that is not what we really want? And then if it’s not right, then what are we after? And if we are here for a limited time, how long should we wait before enough is enough? Are we slowing ourselves down to reaching our full potential, our true purpose?

There are those that wait for opportunities to fall into their laps, and there are those that are the go-getters (often mistaken for being impatient). But is to push forwards a bad thing? In many ways, I suppose how can we know if we are wasting time as every moment is an experience. But how are we to know when a scenario, job, friendship, circumstance is stale? How do we know whether the grass will be greener? At what point do we stop and look at the bigger picture, is there genuine value in what is now, or what comes next? And how does one quantify value?

The only answer I have so far is it that cliche gut feeling seems to know. And reflecting is done best whilst watching a sunset.

No time has ever been wasted doing that.